Die Stem van Suid Afrika – folk version

This is my version of the old poem by CJ Langenhoven which became the old national anthem. Dit is my weergawe van die ou gedig deur CJ Langenhoven wat die ou nationale volklied van Suid Afrika geword het. I still find it an amazing song with powerful lyrics that cannot be matched in the English translation as Langenhoven tries to capture the beauty of the land. I apologize in advance to any Afrikaans listeners if my accent spoils the effect! Ek bevind dit nogsteeds ‘n verbasende lied met ‘n magtige lyriek wat nie eintlik so doeltreffend is nie in die Engelse vertaling as Langenhoven die ware skoonheid van die land probeer beskryf. Geen politieke aanmerkings, asseblief. Geniet dit!!


The Voortrekkers (Afrikaans and Dutch for pioneers, literally “fore-pullers”, “those in front who pull”, “fore-trekkers”) mainly consisted of Trekboer pastoralists and Cape Dutch citizens from the Eastern frontier of the Cape Colony who during the 1830s and 1840s left the British controlled Cape; moving into the interior of what is now South Africa in what is known as the Great Trek. The Great Trek consisted of a number of mass movements under a number of different leaders. The Voortrekkers (and the Cape Dutch are the direct ancestors of the Afrikaners of modern day South Africa.

Womans rights

The Brink family were an example of the rights enjoyed by Boer women in the Boer Republics: Uniquely — from the 18th century, Boer women had equal land-rights, equal church-membership rights, were allowed to divorce and hold their own bank accounts; and as land-owners also had voting rights; they lost all these rights during the British occupation of South Africa because British women had none of those rights; and Boer women twice marched on the Union Buildings in Pretoria to demand equal rights for their defeated nation: in 1915 and 1940.

Lord Kitchener – In violence, we forget who we are

Earl Kitchener of Khartoum also nicknamed as Kitchener of Chaos, was the British Military Chief in the First World War.
Other than his service to Britain, he is known for his controversial role in the South African Boer War.
He was an engineer by profession and likewise, most of his tactics were developed in a manner that it did not account for human life.
Kitchener was just fastidious about the end result, without considering the means deployed to achieve the results, making his callous disregard for others.

Once, During the conflict, his troops were stricken with malady but Kitchener rather chose to reduce spending on their health care.
British incurred heavy losses fighting the Boer guerrillas, who knew the terrain well and used its features to their advantage.
Kitchener, frustrated from his unsuccessful attempts, instigated a new stratagem to hunt down the Boers.
He decided to flush out his enemies by cutting off their supply by burning farms and livestock.
On his orders, lands were evicted from the Boers and their families sent to concentration camps.
By the end of the conflict, more 26000 women and children had perished from starvation and illness.

The Grosvenor treasure — did it really exist?

The treasure thought to be aboard the sunken trading ship Grosvenor and which has gripped the imagination of fortune hunters for more than two centuries, was possibly never there.

The treasure was believed to have been on board the Grosvenor East Indiaman when it sank off the Pondoland coast on August 4 1782. It was said to include large quantities of gold, silver and precious stones. Even the Peacock Throne, the jewelled seat of the Mughal Emperors of India, was said to be included.

In his book The True Story of the Grosvenor East Indiaman Percival R Kirby argues that the legend of treasure was invented. There was no mention of it in the early days, nor was the Grosvenor then called a treasure ship.

It was only on February 22 1880 that the word “bullion” was first mentioned. This was in an article appearing in the Natal Mercantile Advertiser. The article reported that numerous gold and silver coins had been picked up on the beach near the wreck. The article said there had been reports that the ship had carried a substantial cargo of gold.

This led to the belief that, if so many coins were still being found at the site of the wreck 100 years later, large quantities of gold coinage and bullion must have been on board.

The author believes that it was the mention of bullion, the “germ word”, that spawned the legend of the Grosvenor, “causing it to grow with extraordinary rapidity”.

On May 8 1880 the Cape Argus reported that Sidney Turner, who had traded for many years on the Pondoland coast and owned a number of small trading vessels, together with a certain Lt Beddoes of the Durban Volunteer Artillery, had begun to search for valuables at the Grosvenor site. They had found pistol and musket bullets, brass ornaments, gold and silver jewellery and gold and silver coins. Nine of the cannon carried by the Grosvenor were lying among the rocks.

Turner and Beddoes planned to use dynamite to dislodge treasure believed to be embedded in the hull. And, as the author says, this belief became a certainty. Copies of reports in the Cape Argus and the Natal Mercury were reprinted in The Times of London and an awareness of the Grosvenor was spread throughout Britain.

Turner and Beddoes removed the canon and then blasted the rocks at the site where valuables were found. No map was made before the blasting, which changed the appearance of the shore, and later blasting caused further destruction.

A number of methods were used to get at the treasure, the most unusual one being hypnotism. The services of a hypnotist, William Whitaker, were employed. As a result of his efforts the treasure seekers travelled to Pondoland in July 1883 and were guided to the spot. They found a gun about 2m long, but no coins or valuables were visible. And when they started digging in the area, the paramount chief of the region ordered them to leave.

The Grosvenor spawned many legends. What seemed to have been a last-gasp attempt to revive interest in the treasure was sparked in an article in the Natal Mercury. It said a former Durban boat builder had claimed an old Pondo man living in the area of the wreck had told him the crew had off-loaded the treasure, including the Peacock Throne, and buried them in the sand. It was then secretly dug up and hidden in a cave, the roof of which later collapsed.

There is also the curious tale of a bell with Grosvenor markings. The one-time owner said a Pondoland resident had given it to him. It was supposed to have been found near the site of the wreck. But the bell has disappeared and no record of its existence can be found.

The creator of Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle, is said to have bought 1,000 (some say 2,000) shares in a salvage company, the Grosvenor Bullion Syndicate, floated to recover the treasure.

More intriguing is the existence of what is described as “the sad-eyed, curiously aloof, pale-skinned Pondos” in the hinterland of the point where the Grosvenor sank, believed to be the descendants of the wreck.

Perhaps the most ambitious salvage attempt was to reach the wreck by tunnel. It failed. But the entrances still remain as monuments “to the enthusiastic folly of the credulous speculators who were once responsible for its construction”.

The author says various accounts of the treasure were conflicting and others apocryphal. According to evidence there was never any link between the Peacock Throne and the Grosvenor. “I also hope the legend will be allowed to die,” Kirby writes.–did-it-really-exist/

At Slagtersnek you die twice.

The Slagtersnek Rebellion in 1815 is a well-known event in SA history, but some historians claim the truth has been hidden from the public.

Ian D Colvin in his book, Romance of Empire, SA, which was auctioned online by Westgate Walding Auctioneers last week, took a different view of the rebellion. (The Romance of Empire series was produced in the first half of the 20th century.)

A few people have tried to arrive at the truth, but the daunting task of wading through bulky files containing hundreds of pages of letters is a tough undertaking.

“SA historian Dr GM Theal who should have cleared up the confusion has only been one more raven croaking on a tree, one which the ravens of discord occupied since the five rebels were hanged in the memorable year of Waterloo,” Colvin said in the book.

To claim the rebellion was the result of English tyranny or Dutch patriotism was “a preposterous fable”.

Apparently the rebels planned to persuade the indigenous people to kill all who would not join them in a raid on the Cape Colony.

The fact was that the Boers on the frontier were antagonistic to the British officials and their interference in frontier matters. Under the old Dutch law they could do as they pleased and were a law unto themselves.

But things had changed under British rule. Laws were enforced, boundaries fixed, the land question settled, attempts were made to pacify the Xhosas and the Khoi were protected. The circuit court, known as the black circuit after a trial in which Boer farmers had to face charges by Khoi complainants, further incensed the Boer farmers.

It was on this frontier where Frederik Bezuidenhout, known as a violent and turbulent man lived and did what seemed good “in his own eyes”.

Around this time he was summonsed to appear before the magistrate on a charge of ill-treating one of his employees. He refused to appear in court and again refused when the summons was again served.

Such was his reputation that the field cornet whose duty it was to bring Bezuidenhourt to court, was afraid to arrest him. The field cornet was then given an escort of Pandours, or Khoi soldiers, to accompany him.

In his book Theal deals with claims that Bezuidenhout’s real grievance was the fact that Khoi soldiers were sent to arrest him, a white man.

Theal, however, believes that Bezuidenhout’s arrest and the Pandour soldiers sent to arrest him had little to do with the rebellion. The real object was the Boer colonists’ plan to remove the Khoi from the Cape Colony.

When the Pandours arrived at Bezuidenhout’s farm they saw him and two others take up defensive positions behind an outcrop of rocks. He refused to surrender. The Pandours rushed his position and in the resulting skirmish Bezuidenhout was killed. More arrests were made afterwards and arms and ammunition were confiscated.

At his graveside his brother Hans swore to avenge Bezuidenhout’s death. Together with a neighbour, Hendrik Prinsloo, Hans Bezuidenhout organised an uprising against British rule which, they believed, favoured the indigenous people and was hostile to the Boer farmers. They complained that the “black nation was protected and not the Christians”.

A commando of about 60 rebels met an armed force under Landdrost Cuyler (said to be of American descent), the military commander on the Eastern Frontier. The opposing forces confronted each other at Slagtersnek on November 18, 1815. The rebels were easily defeated.

Hans Bezuidenhout and members of his family, including his wife and 12-year-old son and a few friends, held out. His wife and son helped him until he was killed and they were wounded.

The rebels were charged with treason. Some were cleared, others imprisoned or banished. Six were sentenced to death but one of these was pardoned by the governor, Lord Charles Somerset. On March 9, 1816 the remaining five were hanged in public at Van Aardtspos in distressing circumstances.

Apparently the ropes used for the execution were old and four of the nooses broke. The hangman had not realised there would be five hangings and brought old ropes. The four whose ropes broke had to ascend the gallows a second time.

This incident spawned the saying that at Slagtersnek you die twice.

Militaria memorabilia sells for almost £12,000 at Etwall auctioneers

Two sets of timeless militaria have sold at an Etwall auctioneers for a combined £11,800.

A Boer War time capsule, a rare mix of items and previously unseen pictures from the war dating back to 1899 and a long lost bar brooch featuring four medals from the battle of Waterloo went under the hammer at Hansons Auctioneers.

The Heage Lane auction house held a coins, medals and militaria auction where the items were sold along with other memorabilia from various wars.

The Miracle that is South Africa

For many years prior to the settlement by Jan Van Riebeeck on April 6, 1652 ships sailed around the most southern part of Africa. The name given by the Portuguese to the tip known today as Cape Town, was Cabo de Esperanza, Cape of Good Hope. Of course the Cape was also called “Cape of Storms”. It was the hope and supplier to the ships landing there for fruit, vegetables and fresh meat. It also served as a halfway station where the first “post office” in Africa was established. Letters were left in this tree for other ships to collect or leave. There is a monument now where the “post office” used to be.

The Dutch settled in the Cape Town area and moved inland to establish cultivated farms to supply the passing ships with provisions.

The Cape of Good Hope gave refuge to so many who had to flee Europe for religious reasons and for survival. The French Huguenots settled in the area of Franshoek (French corner), other cities/towns were established by the Huguenots. The Germans came after a terrible famine in the 1830’s and settled in the Eastern Cape where we find so many cities and towns named after the cities and towns they left behind.

As we can see the names given to the Cape consisted of extremes, on the one hand Good Hope or the other Storms. This not only represent the sea bashing against the rocks, but the turmoil we experience inland. As the Cape gave Hope to the new settlers it also gave them the Storms of life. The Storms to survive in a very hostile environment so much different from the civilized Europe they were used to. German, Dutch, French they all faced the same fears and tribulations of every day life. The German and French settled in the Eastern Cape established their towns and made their presence felt. They brought their way of life with them from the old country and enriched the area with their expertise. They kept to themselves, kept their language and traditions, their Faith and Believe in God.

In the area of Cape Town the British came in 1795 and brought with them their liberal ideas and missionaries. The British seized the Cape in 1795 and with this move laid down their liberal laws regarding the Africans and language rights. It was not too long when the confrontation came between the Dutch colonists and the British, because of insurmountable differences the colonists moved from the Cape Colony to the north, this was the Great Trek of 1836. Rather than bowing down to the unreasonable British the Dutch decided to trek over the Drakensberg (Dragon Mountains) inland to face the wild, but to be free. They always had the Bible as foundation as we would later find so many towns named after places mentioned in the Bible, i.e. Bethal, Nylstroom (Nile Stream) etc. Here they carried with them the Hope that the Cape gave, but faced the Storms the Cape gave.

There were many battles with the Africans coming from the north. One of the most horrendous murders took place at Blauwkrans where many Voortrekkers lost their lives. The women were raped, cut open, their breasts cut off and babies were bashed against the wagon wheels. It was then the Voortrekkers decided no more we are going to make a stand against this evil, we have God on our side and we are going to put a stop to the Africans destroying our people and defiling our women. They sent a delegation to Andries Pretorius, a well known strategist and military man, described as a man sitting upright on his horse with two guns and a sword, to do the planning. Pretorius agreed and then the preparation began for the Battle of Blood River. Not only did the Voortekkers prepare themselves militarily, but they prayed to our Heavenly Father to keep His hand over them to guide them and give the enemy in their hands. Charl Celliers had Psalm 38:12-16 sung by the men, where we inter alia find these words: “My hope is on Ye alone, God hear our plea”. Then they read the first 24 verses from Judges 6 and had a discussion about it. In his prayer Cilliers made the Covenant in the name of all the men. All 406 men repeated Amen after him as proof of their approval with the Covenant. At the end they sang Psalm 134. This took place on December 7, 1838. They made a Covenant with God if He gives them the victory they will celebrate that day as a Sunday and build a temple to His honor. The Covenant was read by Charl Cilliers standing on a canon. He said, “My brothers and countrymen we stand here at this moment in front of One Holy God of Heaven and Earth to make a promise to Him if He will be with us in His protection and give our enemy in our hands in victory then we will have this day and date every year as a celebration and a thanksgiving as a Sabbath in His honor, and that we will built a temple where it would please Him and that we will tell our children so they can have part in this remembrance as well as those yet to be born. That the glorification of the honor of His Name be given to Him for the Victory is His.” Not only was the Covenant made to have this day as a Sunday, but for all their descendants. It will be a Holy Day. This promise was confirmed every night and on the Sunday a service was held in three tents. On December 11th 1818 the commando went through the Buffalo River and from then on they could see the smoke signs of the Zulus. The place where they pulled the laager, the ox wagons in a half circle. There were 407 white men in the laager with their front-end loaders and two small canons. On the 16th of December 1838 the Zulu Impis (soldiers) attacked, there were about 10,000, maybe more of them. The battle was fierce with Pretorius wounded in the arm, but not a single Whiteman was killed, they all survived. Thousands of Zulus were dead and wounded. Keep in mind the Zulu army was the best black trained army Africa ever had. After the battle was over the Zulus said they could not fight the men dressed in white coming from the heavens! They still talk about this today. From that day on 16th December became a very special day, the Day of the Covenant to the Afrikaner. Of course this is not the case after the ANC communist take-over in 1994 the day is still a public holiday but is now called the day of reconciliation. There are still Afrikaners and Afrikaner organizations celebrating the Day of the Covenant, sometimes called Dingane’s Day in celebration to the defeat of the Zulu king. After the Battle of Blood River the commando went out of the laager to chase the fleeing impis of Dingane when they came onto the remains of Piet Retief and his men who were murdered long before the Battle of Blood River. The bodies were intact, they still had their clothes on, the vultures did not touch the bodies neither the other wild animals. They were impaled with sticks as thick as a man’s arm piercing up to the chest. They were buried in a mass grave.

A small church was built in honor of the Victory at Blood River. The temple, the Voortrekker Monument was built 100 years later. Every year on the 16th of December the sun will shine through a hole in the roof directly onto the sarcophagus of granite with the inscription “Ons vir jou Suid-Afrika” (We for you South Africa).

There were many battles with the black tribes, but none of them as significant of the Battle of Blood River. The lesson of Blood River is so clear, when we put our complete Trust in our Heavenly Father He will give us the victory over the enemy of His Children.

With the trek of the Afrikaner to the north of South Africa and even as faraway as Mozambique they tamed the wild, started farms, built towns and cities. The British were still ruling the province of Natal, adjacent to the Transvaal which was an independent Boer Republic. The British annexed the Transvaal in 1877 which caused the first War of Independence against the British in 1880. This was resulted in a Victory for the Boers and independence was restored. This victory was short lived though with the discovery of diamonds at Kimberley in 1867 and gold in the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg) in 1886 the British being the lackeys of the Jews had Jameson invade the Boer Republic in 1895. War was now inevitable as President Kruger so rightly put it, “they do not want the vote they want my country.” The foreigners complained they had to be in the Boer Republic for 5 years to eligible to vote and this did not sit well with them. The foreigners were instigated by the Jews who had their eyes on the gold, diamonds and the land. The war broke out in 1899, with 60,000 Boers fighting the mighty Great Britain with 450,000 soldiers!

With the Second War of Independence or Anglo-Boer War from 1899-1902 we saw many miracles. For an untrained force, as the fighting force of the Boers consisted mainly of farmers, against the well trained British with the help of Heavenly Father we could keep them at bay for three years! With the outbreak of the war the man whose advice to the Boer forces would be more than valuable, Nicolaas Van Rensburg, joined the commando of Field-General Du Toit of the Western Transvaal. In the future and during the duration of the war Nicolaas Van Rensburg would be invaluable with his prophetic visions. He had only three weeks of schooling, his mother taught him to read and understand the Bible. With all his advice and warning to the Boer forces he would make use of what happened during Bible times. He understood the force of Satan and the evil he unleashed against the Boer Nation with the help of British forces. Many a time he would warn the Boer forces not to take a certain route, not to travel on a certain day and many a time it saved the lives of the Boer Forces. When asked if the devil was still tormenting him he said, “Yes, my friend, he will not change, but as long as I cling to my God, His Word and my people, I will remain standing…”

During most of the war Van Rensburg remained with the commando of General De La Rey. Because of the scarcity of preachers he often led church services himself. He preferred preaching to the Boers and giving them moral support which they sorely needed. Many were impressed with his Biblical knowledge.

Today it is still an enigma and miracle how a handful of Boers could harass the whole British army throughout the country. In all probability Nicolaas Van Rensburg played no small role in these events. He often foresaw the British movements and could issue a warning to the commanders.

“We must move camp,” he would announce out of the blue: “for the English will arrive at dawn!” Virtually every time he was right. He also predicted the arrival of messengers correctly. “General must remain here for a few hours more. I see two men on white and brown horses, bearing a letter.” The messenger would indeed arrive with important news.

Certain parallels between the Boers and the Israelites have been mentioned. In the same manner the Israelites passed through the Red Sea General De Wet and his men fled before the enemy through a full river – pursued by the English, who were hot on their heels. They went safely through the river just keeping their eyes on the river bank on the opposite side. Many British soldiers drowned that day when the river came down in full force after much rain higher up.

Seer Van Rensburg “saw” the tragic death of the first Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa, Louis Botha. He saw this tragic death (speculation Botha committed suicide) because of his betrayal of the Boer Nation. Botha had the Boer generals who did their duty of not shedding any innocent German blood in 1914 executed. He had the officers imprisoned in the Fort in Johannesburg and the regular burghers confined in the African compounds at Kimberley. The Seer said the people did not listen and were now punished by God for voting for Botha instead of Merriman.

The Seer saw the Black Plague of 1918. He said he sees a black blockade pushing up from Cape Town. He saw people in mourning clothes. While the negotiations were taking place in June, 1918 in Paris and Botha worried the Germans will win the war, a shipload of British people of color entered Cape Town. Because of the influenza on board they asked permission to dock outside the harbor. Botha gave them permission to come on land and with this act unleashed the Black Plague on the South African Nation, just as the Seer said it would happen. 70,000 people died.

The Boers would once again be put in a vice-grip with WWII. General Jan Smuts, a traitor to the Boers and lackey of the British announce South Africa will take up arms for the British. The Seer already foresaw this scenario two decades before. The Seer warned the Boers not to follow Smuts he said, “Our nation will be divided and unarmed”. Of course again the Boers did not listen and was dragged into the bloodiest conflict the world has ever seen.

The Seer’s vision regarding WWII: He said in 1926, “France and Poland will fight against Germany. Poland will not get very far. There will be two campaigns in France which will determine the war, but not end it. France will pull out.”

21st August 1918: Germany would be divided in two after the war he saw the Berlin wall and the decay of Eastern Germany and the fall of the Berlin wall. He said Germany will not win the war. We will believe that Germany will never rise again because she ignored that which God warns about in Isaiah 14:14: “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the Most High.”

However in time God will bestow mercy upon the German people again and they will rise to power. The rise of Germany will not be with the military, but with economic and industrial prosperity. He said that although the world despised Germany God has not forgotten it, because I saw a hand covering Germany under a white canvas which he saw covering the Rebels at Rooidam in 1914”. Germany will heal and God had blessed Germany during those years and made it prosper..” I know the reader will ask what has this to do with “The Miracle of White South Africa”, it has all to do with this as with WWI the Boers rebelled and went to German South West Africa and were given rifles, horses and uniforms. The Seer was there with both Generals Manie Maritz and Koos De La Rey an agreement was made with the Germans was made in 1914 that the Germans will provide the Boer Nation assistance in any future conflict that may occur. (The Boers who would not fight against Germany in WWI and WWII were put in concentration camps or prison). The Seer saw the harbor of Lüderitz in German South West Africa cleaned up to take battle ships and the railway line from there to Prieska in the Cape Province rebuilt. These two visions already came true and the port at Lüderitz saw the first ships from Germany! The railway line to Prieska is nearly finished, has 10 miles to go, but the corrupt African government of Namibia (South West Africa) used the money for their own gain. They were warned by the German Bundestag to sort out the corruption so the railway line can be finished. This agreement between the Boers and Germany has been discussed by the Germans, because of their feeling of betrayal towards those governments responsible for them losing their colonies.

DIE BURGER of November 20, 1996 reported as follows about a German frigate which visited Cape Town:

“The flagship of a German Naval Task force, the ‘Schleswig-Holstein’ recently visited Cape Town. Mr. Leopold Scholtz wrote that the name of the ship has a very interesting history which is connected with South Africa in more than one way.

“During the press conference on board the ‘Schleswig-Holstein, Captain Jan Scharf, Commanding Officer of the German Task Force, (consisting of two frigates and two battle support vessels), said the ultra-modern ship was so new that it was taken into service only two months previously.

“It is the first German naval visit since 1938, when a previous ship, also the ‘Schleswig-Holstein’, was the last German warship to visit South Africa. However, it was an unofficial visit to take in fuel; the last official visit, accompanied the usual pomp and ceremony, was the beginning of 1935, when the light cruiser, ‘Emden’, under the command of Captain (later Admiral) Karl Dönitz, anchored in Table Bay. Between 1032-1934, the ‘Emden’ was under command of Captain Wilhelm Canaris, who later, as Admiral, was appointed as head of the German espionage service.

“Military shipbuilding has come a long way since the old Schleswig-Holstein. And it is fitting that a common visit to Cape Town has forged a link between the old and the new.”

Maybe these words were part of the prophecy, the New Germany forging links with South Africa to help establish a White New South Africa.

The Seer predicted German warships docking at Lüderitz and sending three warning letters to the black South African Government. The take-over in South Africa will never by way of the ballot box, but a coup d’etat. This intervention of the Germans will be to the benefit of the Boers. The Boers will gather at Lichtenburg where a man in a brown suit will address them. The Seer said the Boer Volk is divided but will be united by God with a red-hot pick axe.

The Seer saw the Jews, English and “jingoes” (enemies) fleeing, even leaving their houses with the windows open. It will be again as the Battle of Blood River. Humanly speaking the Boers do not stand a chance in winning this war. The Seer warned the Boer Volk would have to kneel in real reconciliation and renounce the world as they did at Blood River. We must that our sun does not set (vision 26th February 1922). Lev. 26:15-17.

Van Rensburg said he opened his old State Bible at Exodus 14:13: “And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will shew you today, for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever.”

Van Rensburg said: “We get a perfect Republic from a perfect God, without a penny’s national debt. At Prieska my one shoe gets a new upper (an interim government): then I see a blue suit of clothes (Germany), then a brown suit (Boers), then a grey suit (Divine person) and when the burghers return from Durban after driving off the enemy, I get a new pair of shoes, a new saddle and bridle – this means a permanent Government and a totally new beginning.”

It will be a Republic born through sorrow suffering and bloodshed and for which the nation had to make many sacrifices. After that the Seer the Boer will enjoy unprecedented freedom and prosperity.

In closing oom Klasie (Seer) confirmed that Northern- and Southern Rhodesia (now known as Zambia and Zimbabwe) would become part of our Republic when the Germans come to reclaim German West.

Seer Van Rensburg saw on December 3, 1918 that Westerners would be fighting a fierce battle for their heritage, he described it as a campaign of vicious hatred against the White population and that White racism would increase worldwide. As we can see worldwide this vision is fulfilled. Germany, Holland and Sweden expressed a lot of sympathy towards South Africa. The Seer predicted this many years ago and as we have seen the first country to march against the genocide of the Boer Volk was Sweden, the same country that had strict sanctions against White South Africa decades ago. Of course the government is not sympathetic, the minority of Whites has sympathy for White South Africa as they experience attacks by either their government or the immigrants from the Third World.

Nicolaas Van Rensburg “saw” the black take-over already in the year 1914. He could not understand why the hammer and sickle flag will fly over South Africa when it is no longer flying over Russia! Now keep in mind the Communists only took over 3 years later and Van Rensburg had no idea where Russia was except for this vision. He predicted things will get so dark in South Africa you would not be able to see your hand in front of your eyes. What is happening in South Africa now is such evil darkness it is difficult to see the light breaking through. Then he said our God will be there, it will not be for long and the Light will break through and the Light that will shine will never go out again.

The life of Nicolaas Van Rensburg was a miracle given to the Boers to guide them as a prophet, to protect them and to be God’s messenger for the good and better times waiting for this most beleaguered nation.

The miracle of the Afrikaner’s survival even in these days of murder, rape and chaos is a gift from the Most High. There is no other explanation for this situation. With already 3,500 White farmers murdered and 40,000 other Whites murdered in the 16 years the ANC has been in power is a miracle of unspeakable magnitude. So many people will tell you will they were attacked through prayer they were blessed not losing their lives or belongings. I want to mention what happened to a farmer in the Western Transvaal. His wife was having their first son, after 4 girls and he called his mother on the farm to inform her all went well, but there was no answer. He was immediately more than concerned and raced back home to find his father shot lying dead on the front steps of the farmstead. He went inside the house all the time praying his mother and little girls be protected when the intruders hit him over the head and dragged him to the bathroom where they left him in the shower. They left locking the door behind them he did not stop praying for protection. The intruders came back and when they opened the door and a bright light filled the bathroom, one of the blacks wanted to shoot the Whiteman, but one said, “No, you cannot shoot him, he is a man of God”. They all left. His mother and little girls were safe.

A very dear friend of mine, Christien and her family went through a burglary where they were forced to lay on the floor. She did not stop praying and when the one black wanted to take her wedding ring off her finger and could not get it off he wanted to bite off her finger when one of the others told him not to do this. What stop these evil people? Only the miracle of God’s intervention, this is the only explanation. There are thousands of interventions just like this, but there are so many tragic incidences we are unable to explain.

A contemporary of Nicolaas van Rensburg was Johanna Brandt a nurse who lived in Pretoria. Their visions are very similar. They never met. Johanna Brandt had a message from a messenger of God telling her in 1916 to warn the blacks in South Africa not to get involved with the affairs of the Whiteman, neither with the tribulations they are going through as these things had nothing to do with them. If they would get involved or take over the country God will destroy them. She was taken through a series of events to come the First World War was raging at time and he told her about WWII and WWIII. She begged the messenger to ask God to spare South Africa but the answer was it cannot be done as every country will have to go through these tribulations before the end time. The messenger explained to her these events must take place to pave the way for a just and better future for His Children. The monarchies must fall and the Babylonian money system must and will be destroyed. The miracle of all this South Africa will come out of all these tribulations a free and great nation.

Johanna Brandt was told by the Messenger that South Africa and Germany will support each other, although it does not seem possible at this time. The Messenger told her the nations who spilled the most blood in wars and aggression will suffer the most, some of them to disappear completely. Where the Light is more prominent are Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. South Africa stood far above all the other countries. The battle coming will be the last between good and evil and only the mentioned countries will be triumphant. The European conflict will spread over the globe till it is a world conflict. All nations will be part of this. This is part of the preparation of the cleansing process for the Coming of Christ.

Johanna Brandt told us about the attack on Christianity, that there is no God, no ever-living soul. The creation was a natural phenomenon (the latest book by Hawkins just published) all these predictions we are experiencing today. She said the people are asleep in their assumption the Church is still in power and this is a false security, the people do not know what is at hand. The people are not searching for the Truth. The messenger asked her if she does not feel the coming of the storm. Do you not feel the ice cold breath of death? Do you not recognize that the earth is moving under your feet?

The Messenger told her not to expect any help from the church when all these calamities will befall South Africa. The church leaders will be the agents of Satan. Without their help he could not have done such a lot of damage. Under the cloak of righteousness they are the most dangerous to the Kingdom. They are the wolves in sheep clothing (John 10:1). It was told to Johanna Brandt there will be people who would open their eyes and they will be protected. The Messenger said: “The Hand of Mercy will be stretched out to South Africa and through South Africa to the whole world.”

The Most High promised in two prophecies in the Bible, one in Isaiah 18 and the other Zephaniah 3 from verse 10 what will take place in South Africa, the land of Miracles.

The Messenger told Johanna Brandt the last war will be devastating, it will ravage Europe. It is not an organized war, but a brutal attack by the hand of the anarchist. It will throw the world into a state of chaos. South Africa will not be spared, before this terrible and last war, South Africa will go through spilling of blood, chaos, people fleeing and this will keep on going till God will intervene. If South Africa is spared this she can have no part in the wonderful glory which will follow all these terrible things.

She was also told, the same as Van Rensburg South Africa to be under a black government and how much of a hell South Africa will turn out to be.

In Johanna Brandt’ book, “Die Smeltkroes” FURNACE, she is asking the question which countries spilled the most blood?

“During the 19th century England had 55 conquests, France 59, Russia 23, Austria 14, and Germany 9.

“In the time of Queen Victoria England had 40 wars.

“England is number one in bloodletting.

“Do we really understand the far reaching consequences of the Anglo-Boer War? Great Britain lots of riches through the Anglo-Boer War against the two Republics, but in reality she already started losing her empire. Her prestige as a world leader was done. If you really think about it, the European War was a result of the Boer War and we will see this when South Africa will with the coming developments becoming more clear when South Africa will be really the grave of Great Britain.

Great Britain will be punished for what she caused and did in South Africa because of the Anglo-Boer War. The judgment of a nation will be executed by the nation.

“England did more than any other country to spread the gospel to the heathen than any other country, but because of her bloodletting she did more harm to the Kingdom of the Heavens than any other Nation.” (The problems in South Africa with the Africans started when the first missionaries, Philips and Read came to the Cape Province and the missionaries telling Dingane to murder the Voortrekkers).

Germany more than a victor: While England, France and Russia were building up there empires with the blood of others, Germany built hers with commerce and trade. While have seen Germany not being completely innocent of the spilling of blood, but she had only nine war the past 100 years, while the Allies had 127 altogether.

Germany gave enough evidence that it is not necessary to into battle with other nations to get ahead. Her products were well known over the world, this of course bred jealousy from the other nations. Germany had to arm herself against a threatening force. The war was for beholding the nationalist ideals, the country fought for an ideal, the same as South Africa did years before. Germany was used to castigate the world.

To understand why the European war ended like it did we have to go back to the attitude of Germany towards the Boers during the Anglo-Boer war in 1899-1902. It was the same in all the countries, the people were prepared to help the Boers in their struggle for freedom, but the governments of the day did not lift a finger to help.

Germany did not lose the war the defeat of the Germany had to happen in 1918, because all monarchies will be destroyed, therefore the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm.

When England will go through her furnace of revolution and the rest of Europe will be in indescribable misery Germany will be healed, victoriously coming out of her purification and will take the lead in the freeing the world from slavery. The German Volk will be more than a victor great her name and indescribable will the great Light within her.

America has been born to be a great and mighty nation, to establish peace on earth she had the chance to do so during WWI. President Wilson chose not to do, but he chose to take the side of the aggressors. The nation of America is not responsible for the stand of their government, but they will have to go through a cleansing process because of this.

America will fall into a state of revolution, “the night of sorrow has now settled on America too.”

Big strikes will take place a bitterness toward the United States will be unleashed. America never signed a peace treaty with Germany.

We saw how militarism and corruption were destroyed in Germany, so we will see in America where capitalism and barbaric luxury will collapse and pave the way for honest goodness of the nation.


“But you are a select race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for action: so that you may display the virtue of Him Who called you out of darkness into His wonderful Light; who once were not a people, but are now a people of God; who were unpitied, but have now secured compassion.” 1 Peter 9-10.

Followed by this Bible text the Messenger said to Johanna Brandt, “Thus speaketh the Lord of Hosts to the nation of South Africa: You were not a nation before have become now my nation, you have not known compassion before, I will bestow my mercy over you.”

The glory of Europe is something of the past the fall of the British monarchy is at hand, the world’s riches, greatness and power of America reached its peak and will now slowly sink to nothingness.

What is left?


South Africa is the land of promise, the land of freedom the land of liberation.

For the suffering of the ancestors, for the moral courage of her rebels, for her pure history unstained with human blood (she never first attacked another nation). For her wonderful beauty of nature, for the treasures under ground and so much more which will be revealed later, is South Africa the elect over all countries in the world.

Yes, because there was no compassion towards South Africa before, now God will bestow compassion over the nation. He saw the suffering, the poverty, He heard the sighs. God’s wrath is unleashed towards your enemies.

America who was supposed to carry the scepter was weighed and found not worthy.

“In the light of your great despair He will send you the promise of liberation and it will be on the doorstep of great changes in the land so that you can know and be ready, because He does not do anything without preparing His children…” Amos 3:7.

Many unspeakable tragedies will happen. What are we to do? God will save us, but He will use humans as tools.

Johanna Brandt gave the message to the nation of South Africa as given to her by the Messenger that a great and mighty leader will come to lead South Africa. He will be groomed and taught by God in secret and will be revealed in God’s time. The Messenger also sent a message to the women to have a pure influence towards nationalism.

The Messenger said, “All will have their part in the management of My kingdom on earth. Prepare My path in this land. Send my message over the whole of South Africa. Let the voice of warning ring over the whole country. Many hearts are already prepared and purified through suffering, but there will be many who will scoff and laugh at My message.

“Also know that South Africa will go into the furnace last, but will come out of it first, strengthen yourself with the assurance that God will be your Guide over the valley of the shadow of death.”

“Preserve His Holy promise of deliverance in your heart till the turmoil in South Africa starts and then preaches the virtue of the Savior.”

This was all and more was written down by Johanna Brandt at Harmony, Pretoria, on the night of December 7, 1916 and published on January 21, 1920.

As it was with William Wallace when he lifted his head and his word and screamed, “FREEDOM”, so it will be with the Boer Volk and their head will never been down again.

The Boer Volk will always be in South Africa, it was so promised by the Ever-Living nothing will ever change this. Our Heavenly Father does not change, as it was so in the beginning so it is today. I know the situation look very dire indeed, but I Trust in my Father, as He promised so it will be, the country and her people will bring the offering and will see the Victory, just as the Voortrekkers did in 1838.

There are so many tribulations all nations and countries will go through. This article is not intended to be negative, but to give Hope which is all woven into the Pattern of this blanket of what we call life on earth. The Light is breaking through the darkness, we think we cannot see or experience it with all the negativity around us, but it is breaking through. We have to Trust our Heavenly Father, He is the Ever-Living, He is the Most High, and He is the Alpha and Omega. He is in control and will destroy the evil, corruption and bloodshed forever.

Johanna Brandt (nee Von Warmelo was very active, just as Nicolaas van Rensburg was during the Anglo-Boer War. Nicolaas van Rensburg was with the Boers on commando, although he never carried any weapons. Johanna Brandt was a nurse in the concentration camp of Irene. She and her mother Maria von Warmelo worked for the Boer Secret Service.

Johanna Brandt’s major works:

Het Concentratie-kamp van Irene (Amsterdam: Hollandsch-Afrikaanse Uitgevers-Maatskappij, 1905) [The Concentration Camp of Irene]

Die Kappie Kommando of Boerevrouwen in Geheime Dienst (Amsterdam: J.H. De Bussy & Hollandsch-Afrikaanse Uitgevers Maatskappij, 1913) [Petticoat Commando, Boer women in the service of the Secret Service]

Die Millenium, een voorspelling (Bloemfontein, Eigenverlag 1918)

The Millenium – A Prophetic Message to the Native Tribes of South Africa (1918)

Die Smeltkroes [The Furnace]

The Grape Cure, USA: Metaphysisal Concepts, 1927

Fasting (describes her visions & spiritual experiences when fasting)

The Fasting-Book: a book on the creation and redemption of the body, Edition 2, De Nationale Pers, 1931


Diary of Charl Cilliers

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