In the Old Covenant Scriptures the Hebrew word for salvation is Strong’s number 3444.


This word is spelt with the Hebrew letters  העושי and according to Strong’s is pronounced “yeshuwah” meaning deliverance, save, salvation etc.


The Old Covenant leader who took over from Moses and who was chosen by the Heavenly Father to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land was according to modern Bibles called Joshua.


However, this is not correct. We are warned not to alter or change anything in the original Scriptures. This leader’s name and confirmed in Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance number 3091is spelt with the Hebrew lettersיהושע    and is pronounced “Yahusha.” The Name means Yah’s salvation, saviour. This leader was a perfect shadow of the New Covenant Messiah and is confirmed in the Scripture John 5: 43, “I come in My Father’s Name.”


Now take the Hebrew word salvation Strong’s number 3444:-



י  ש  ו  ע  ה


Remember Hebrew is read from right to left so we have the letters Y SH OO A H.


Now take the Messiah’s Name Strong’s number 3091:-



ע               ש  ו  ה  י


Reading again from right to left we have the letters  Y  H  OO  SH  A.

You notice the same 5 Hebrew letters are in the one word salvation and in the Messiah’s Name.


Let us now look at some of those wonderful Scriptures where this word salvation appears. Here are a few quoted to illustrate:-


Genesis 49: 18, “I have waited for Thy salvation O Lord.”

Exodus  14: 13, “— see the salvation of the Lord.”

Exodus  15:   2, “— He is become my salvation.”

Deut.      32:15, “— lightly esteemed the Rock of His salvation.”

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Again in modern Bible translations, the Hebrew Name of the Heavenly Father, Strong’s number 3068 and written 7000 times has been wrongly translated as “Lord.”


His special covenant Name is written:-


ה                 ו  ה  י

Again reading the Hebrew letters from right to left we have Y  H  OO  H.


You can clearly see that the first two Hebrew letters in the Heavenly Father’s Name:-


ה                       י

Also appear as the first two Hebrew letters in the Messiah’s Name being Y  H.


From the beautiful praise word sung regularly, HalleluYah we know that this is translated YAH. This is also confirmed in the New King James version Psalms 68: 4.


So truly the Messiah’s words in John 5: 43 are accurate, “I come in My Father’s Name.”


YAHUSHA – YAH’S salvation.